Monday, October 26, 2015

Oct 26 spaghetti milkshakes

 Hey everybody! I hope that everyone's weeks have been fabulous. I had
a great time this week and have a couple of pretty funny experiences.
I met with the Head of Suriname's foreign affairs department yesterday
(you could say it was kind of a big deal) and talked about a lot of
missionaries' visas and how we can avoid sending people in on tourist
visas so that they don't become illegal when they expire and their MKV
isn't done yet. The meeting went fairly well and we had a good chat
and learned some important things about the process. In other news I
learned how to make "spaghetti" this week... I know what you're all
thinking this how is this scrub just now learning how to make
spaghetti BUT what I actually mean is a crazy new hatian recipe I
learned where you use spaghetti to make a milkshake! Hahah it's so
crazy, and you can also use potatoes instead but it tastes SUPER good
despite how weird you feel at first when you set a bunch of spaghetti
in your blender... As far as the missionary work in our area we were
really busy with meetings and senior couple responsibilities but we
were still able to go and see a less active named brother 'a'. Fun
fact: Brother 'a' is the FIRST missionary from Suriname! The first
ever from an entire country I thought that was so cool, definitely a
pioneer in his own right. He has a super strong testimony and is a
magnificent man I think that it's just a personal choice that keeps
him from coming to church every week instead of off and on. And last
but not least to keep all of you on your toes I totally saw a dead guy
on the side of the road on the way here :( Not to worry though the
police had already arrived and handled everything it was just pretty
creepy o_o  On a brighter note we had a cool pday activity at a place
called Cola Creek (so named due to the black water) It was a really
cool place to hang out and we played some volleyball in the middle of
the jungle it was pretty sweet! Anyways I think that's about all from
this guy but I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Carpenter

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