Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct 19 a President, a puppy, a pizza, oh my! ;)

Hey everybody!! Great stuff continues to happen here in Suriname, we had
the baptism of one of my former investigators in south! 'O,' who I had
been teaching for almost 6 months, was finally baptized just this saturday!
I was so excited about it and looking back am humbled by how much progress
he has made. Me and Elder James had a lot of success as well, just mostly
in other departments, namely visa things. Hahah, we got two missionaries
their MKV's which means their visas are just around the corner. And we just
processed a couple missionaries short procedure letters with the "Foreign
affairs department" which means that either this transfer or the next new
missionaries can come into suriname! Needless to say it's different than
the normal baptism or reactivation stories but they are successes
nonetheless! Hahah, we also spent this week driving our mission president
around while he was here in suriname to do interviews and give temple
recommends! It was cool to get a chance to spend some time with him since
it's always a long time in between his visits. Maybe my favorite happening
of this week was when me and elder james saved a puppy! Someone had tried
to throw this poor guy in their trash :'O but me and elder james came to
the rescue and found him a new home with some owners more responsible. He
was so dang adorable. We also had to drive to the airport in zanderij to
pick up new water filters for all the missionaries, it required about 3
hours worth of driving to get all of the documents from different
departments and then down to the airport which is in the heart of suriname,
quite a distance from the coast where we normally are. But anyways it's a
great feeling to serve others even in this capacity and I continue to have
a lot of faith in our less actives who are beginning to return to church! I
think that's about it this week but I love and miss you all and I'll talk
to you again next week!
Elder Carpenter

O's baptism
Saved puppy!! (Makes up for the wild dog he had to kick to keep from getting rabies, right?!)
Scenery from driving around Suriname
More scenery
Elder Carpenter can cook!! His specialty is pizza!

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