Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5: the mattress situation

Hello Americans! This week was pretty crazy, the amount of stuff me
and Elder James have to do as our country's senior couple is still
pretty intense. We had to take everybody new to a police station this
week to get them fingerprinted so that they could get the rest of
their paperwork sent in from America. The man we were working with
there told me I must come from the mountains because i'm apparently
short. His name is Mr. Cedarboom (which means cedar tree)
((Appropriately named because he is as tall as a tree)) He said that
short people live in the mountains and tall people live in the flat
lands. And used that as the excuse why he isn't very fast while
climbing stairs. hahah needless to say he was an interesting guy. we proceeded to get there fingerprints
and everything seems to be in order for our newest missionaries which
is great news! Conference this week was also fantastic, I learned a
ton and it was a great chance to take a breather and listen to the
messages of the prophet and apostles, I especially enjoyed the
testimonies of the newest apostles and know of their sincerity and
drive to serve God. We had a couple missionaries stay at our apartment
on saturday night in between sessions, just so that they wouldn't have
to go all the way home to come all the way back the next morning. One
of them is just a temporary missionary, meaning he is actually just a
surinamese local they found to work with one of the other missionaries
for a transfer. I offered him my bed for the night, a choice I would
later come to regret... As I settled in for bed the following night,
something became apparent to me quite quickly. This surinamese temp
had peed in my bed... needless to say I was not super excited about it
and am currently on couch cushions until further notice... certainly a
character builder to say the least hahah. But anyways the baptism of
the 'K' couple went through!! They are so awesome It's been a
privilege to teach them the past couple weeks, they were so excited
for this and have a super strong testimony. Definitely some people I
won't forget! I hope you all have a great week I'll talk to you again
Love, Elder Carpenter

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