Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct. 12 and pictures!!!

Hey guys! This week was a really great success in my eyes, Elder James
and I were able to get a lot done, and even had time to do missionary
work! :O hahah I say that only because our senior couple
responsibilities sometimes limit our ability to teach as much as we
like but we really managed our time well and had some cool
experiences. One of the families we visited was a
couple from Guyana named 'H' they are super funny
and we had a great lesson with them. Guyanese people have great
hearts, and I was super excited to see them come to church this sunday
for the first time in a long time! I am loving the tammenga branch and
the members that live here are so great to work with. We get more
member referrals here than I've ever received on my mission and that
has been awesome! We had a funny experience with one of our referrals
in that upon arriving they thought that we were professional marriage
counselors...? and proceeded to tell us about their marriage problems
hahah. Upon telling them our actual purpose and introducing the Book
of Mormon, the wife just went off and got her bible. She put it in my
hands and asked "is this a real bible?" hahah i guess she thought that
we didn't believe in it but after some convincing and A LOT of
patience on my part, I was able to convince her that the book of
mormon is a book of scripture written by prophets just like the bible
and got her to agree that she has to try reading a little before she
can know its bad, so we'll see how that goes! Funny story of the week,
we got called to pick up some art for the church and got lost with our
first counselor as he kept yelling out our window asking people for
directions. Upon finally finding it they unload a pallet of boxes on
our truck about 7 feet high weighing over 500 pounds! Hahah needless
to say it was a slow moving ride back to the church to unload it all.
The ability of these people to plan ineffectively never ceases to
amaze me. But yeah other than that it was an awesome week I hope that
you all have another great one as well!!! Lobi!! Elder Carpenter
Elder Carpenter meets "Mothra"
His 'bucket' bike helmet

Studying with Elder James
Outside his apartment
Attack of the pants eating parrot!
Elder Carpenter's new ride. 

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