Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov 2 first a puppy, now a kitten

Crazy news! We received our transfer calls a couple days ago, and I'm
moving again! I'll be headed out of Kwatta and head south into the
area Wanica South! Still an established and somewhat organized branch,
but it will be the smallest one I've served in so far at least. Wanica
South shares some borders with the jungle and is one of the furthest
south areas that we have and so I'm pretty excited to check it out.
The craziest thing though, is that I'll be serving AGAIN with Elder
Van Den Herik! Apparently we just can't get enough of each other. I'm
actually very excited though, me and Elder Van Den Herik had an
awesome transfer together a few months ago and I know we're going to
accomplish some great things in this new area together. Wanica south
was actually just turned into a sisters area a few months ago. But due
to a general feeling that the area was unsafe for the sisters there,
we are being sent instead! Missionaries have been there forever, but
ever since the sisters got sent in they had a couple things that made
them nervous about leaving them there, and so they turned my old area,
kwatta, into a new sister area! It's substantially safer and so they
thought it would be better suited for sisters. In other news, me and
Elder James had a cool experience yesterday while we were contacting.
We were driving looking for a place to park the car and the second we
got out to start talking to people, a lady from 3 streets down started
to wave and shout out to us, turns out she is a long time member who
really wanted to get back in contact with missionaries! We were so
excited and felt really blessed to have run into her the way we did.
We could have contacted or parked anywhere, but we were led to someone
who was specifically trying to find us and I know that we were led
there. Besides that we also had a stray kitten walk in our yard and he
may have imprinted on me because he didn't leave for like 3 days, but
he finally left a couple days ago I'm just hoping he's not dead... We
had a puppy given to us last week and a Kitten this week so at this
rate maybe I'll have pictures of a baby parrot or something next week
I have no clue what's going on. But anyways, have a great week and
I'll let you all know how Wanica is!
Elder Carpenter
His kitten
A cellphone company advertisement 
Most of the missionaries in suriname. All but 4 he thinks. (Elder James is hidden in the shadows under the canopy)

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