Monday, June 1, 2015

It must be picture week!!!

Hey everyone! Its been another great week for me and Elder Van Den
Herik, we are killing it out here and a lot of cool stuff has been
happening! I'll update you with our most progressing investigator
'S,' who we challenged to be baptized this saturday but we don't
think it will go through yet because she has some opposition from her
mom who is Hindu. Her dad, a converted hindu, is pushing for it, but
since her parents are divorced and she lives with her mom we're going
to have some trouble this week convincing her mom to let her be
baptized. But I'm hoping and praying her mom's heart can be softened.
I conducted my first baptism interview this week! Sister 'C,' who
has been investigating the church for the past 8 months, finally made
the decision to be baptized! She was super prepared and my companion,
elder Van Den Herik, was the one who baptized her! Mostly due to the
fact he taught her for 5 of those months and she asked if he could
baptize her. What's also cool is I baptized someone as well! One of
the sets of sisters had a cool investigator named 'E who got
baptized this week and they asked me to baptize her! She's 15 and goes
to the branch next to ours but she's really cool and she was excited
to join the church. That's most of what happened with missionary work
this week, we work with a ton of people and we're working on getting a
few people baptismal dates so I'll keep you all updated on how it goes
and how they're doing. I'll move on to the story of the week now which
is as follows: During church, one of our members invited us to give
one of his family members a blessing, we met him on a street corner
and walked together and to our surprise, the entire 'S' extended
family was there too! There were at least 20 people there if not more,
all assembled for the sole purpose of watching the blessing! We
explained to them what a blessing was and taught them a little bit
about priesthood, I could tell they all felt the spirit when we gave
the blessing and afterwards 'S' invited us to share something with
everyone! Unprepared but happy to do so, we taught them all about the
plan of salvation and restoration. It was super cool and we met a lot
of new people through it! 'S' is awesome and I'm so grateful I've
got members like him in my branch! It's still been raining A TON out
here, and we've gotten pretty soaked the past few days which is a
little annoying, so I'll be very grateful when the stupid monsoon
season here is finally over. I've had to resort to wearing my crocs a
couple times after both of my nice pairs of shoes get soaked it's
pretty ridiculous out here some days. In other news I went on my first
exchanges as a district leader and also shadowed the sisters for a day
and both went great! They're all working hard and doing their best out
here and I'm super happy with all of them! I have an awesome district
and they're making awesome progress! I love you guys and I'll write
you all again next week!
Elder Carpenter

 The name of this street is "forget me not" street

 Calvin is not loving monsoon season

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