Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25

Hello and Hoe gaat het everybody, this week was great, me and elder
Van Den Herik work amazing together, it's only been a week but I can
already say he's one of my favorite companions! We had 4
investigators in church yesterday and one of them has a baptismal
date! Her name is 'S,' she's a daughter of one of the less actives
in our branch we've recently re-activated. She's 18 and lives with her
mom, who's not a member, but we've gotten her to come to church the
past 3 sundays in a row and she's making awesome progress! With any
luck she'll be baptized on her date or if not then close by at least.
We're also working with a cool family named the 'V's,' 
We're doing a lot of good in this area this transfer and I'm
really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish! Exciting
things are happening! In other news the huge elections for Suriname's
next president are today! There's a helicopter that keeps circling the
city to make sure there aren't any parties or riots, and there's a
decent amount of police on the street, pretty crazy stuff! A couple
people have told us it might not be a bad idea to stay off the
streets, but these are the same people who believe that when a drop of
rain falls on your head you're down sick for the next week and that
there are two foot tall devils with big eyes who roam the streets of
suriname at night so i tend to take their advice with a grain of salt.
Everybody thinks the biggest party, named "NDP" will win, and I agree,
that's who is in power right now so I anticipate they'll stay there,
elections are only every 5 years so it's a pretty cool opportunity to
be here while they're happening! Also being district leader has been a
blast, I like getting to call the other missionaries every night to
see how they're doing and I've already scheduled exchanges with most
of them so I'm excited to work with everybody in the coming weeks! I
planned the next few pday activities with the zone leaders a few days
ago and we have some fun things coming up, one of them is a huge lake
in suriname named Broko Pondo, apparently it's a cool place to hike
and take pictures, so that will be in a couple weeks probably! Anyways
I think that's about it but I had a great week and I'm looking forward
to a lot more with Elder Van Den Herik! I love and miss you guys!
Elder Carpenter

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