Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8

Hellooooo everyone! This week just flew by! Me and elder Van Den Herik
had a great week and taught a ton of people! We set up a baptismal
date with one of our investigators 'A' this saturday and I have
full faith it will hopefully go through! 'S's' mom is still being
a little difficult despite the fact she's 18 but we're going to try to
keep working to soften her mother's heart, the work in our area is
doing really well and I think we have some cool things coming up
hopefully. One cool thing that happened this week was our whole
mission did a mission wide fast to help increase our success and find
prepared people to teach and what do you know we picked up a new
investigator from a less active family who says that she wants to get
baptized! It was a cool experience and a real testimony builder to me
about fasting and how miraculous things can come from it. This p-day
was also pretty insane! The plan was to go to brownsberg and so we had
to wake up at 4 in the morning to go, see everything and hike, and get
back home in time. We drove on some pretty sketchy roads and our
mission van almost got stuck on more than one occasion it was crazy!!!
Shortly after we discovered a problem, the road we need to take was
completely overtaken by a massive stream with a huge current! We
debated trying to drive through hahah but decided we all still have
long lives to live and decided it was better not to risk it. Instead
we went to a place called broko pondo close by, which is what
brownsberg gives you a good view of, In my opinion we actually saw
cooler things by going directly there and we had some stunning views
so I was quite happy about it! I have some pictures attached but it
was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time, it was a good
reminder that I'm pretty literally in the middle of the jungle, hahah
I let that fact slip away from me sometimes so I thought it was a
great time. I got some pretty awesome pictures that i'll attach for
you guys, we also had a pretty funny competition by the river to see
who could throw rocks the farthest and I had the opportunity to show
off and impress everyone which also felt pretty nice as well. I'm
super happy to be a missionary right now and it's crazy to think how
far i've already come! I've been extremely blessed and I know that
i've been able to do a lot of good here and I'm hoping this trend
continues throughout, I love and miss you all and I'll talk to you
again next week!
Elder Carpenter


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