Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22

Hey everybody and happy father's day! This week went by quick and is
also going to be my last with Elder Van Den Herik! :( We got transfer
calls and he is going to an area in Tammenga, the building where we
take all the baptism pictures at! I'm super excited for him and it's a
great area to serve in but we're definitely going to miss serving
together! The news I was staying came during my interview with
president Mehr, I will spend at least one more transfer here and my
new companion will be..... Elder Prestera! A completely new elder
coming from the MTC who I will be training! I'm super excited to be a
trainer and I'll meet my new companion on wednesday night or thursday
morning depending on what time his flight gets in. I will still be
fulfilling my role as district leader at the same time so I will
probably be a pretty busy missionary these next couple weeks from what
it seems like! I'm super excited at the same time though I hope he's a
great elder and I know we'll have a great time together. In other news
me and elder Van Den Herik biked up the commewijne bridge the other
night for fun and it's a MASSIVE bridge and I almost died on the bike
ride up, and then actually almost died on the way down when my brakes
started to burn up!! hahahah but luckily I'm still here to tell the
story, it was a great view, the pictures weren't that great though
since it was dark and everything was so far away, but it was a
stunning sight. For p-day paramaribo district played some basketball
and did some slacklining, it was a pretty good time all around, and
then to show off to everyone I did a backflip off a tree and people
were pretty impressed! hahah it was a relaxing day and pretty fun, me
and elder Prestera will have a pretty big teaching pool when he comes
in and I'm certain we'll see some success in our time together. He was
probably one of the first people called to the "Trinidad Port of
Spain" mission instead of the West indies which is pretty crazy to
think about! The whole mission is looking forward to president Egbert
coming in just next week! We will certainly miss president Mehr though
he's an awesome guy and I've loved having him as my mission president.
He's super excited about the split though and said that it's a really
good sign of growth for all of us and proof of the Lord hastening his
work all over the world! I'll let you all know next week how my first
couple of days as a trainer go!! I love you all and I hope you have an
awesome week!
Elder Carpenter

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