Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29

Hey everybody!! This week has been a great week!! I'd like you all to
give a heartfelt welcome to Elder Prestera, who is now on his fifth
day here in Suriname! Me and him have been getting along great, he's a
good guy and there's lots to learn from him as well as to teach!
What's cool about elder Prestera is that he's actually twenty-three!
He and I have a five year difference between the two of us! Crazy
right?? Hahah but it's still been a good time and we have a couple of
cool investigators we're working with, he's been enjoying the work a
lot so far and I'm guessing that trend will continue hopefully our
entire time together! One of them is named Brother 'S,' a referral
from a friend who's came to church the past two weeks in a row, if all
goes will we really want to extend a baptismal date with him this week
so I'll let you guys know how that goes! Elder Prestera has been
soaking everything in pretty well so far, he's amazed at the amount of
stray dogs, and how many people get out of their cars just to pee on
the side of the road, and the fact he's in the jungle... Hahah the
only thing that's probably been the same is the Gospel he's been
teaching but he's been really good at that and he's learning Dutch
really quick! We bought him a bike the day he came in and it's pretty
nice I'm a little jealous, it's silver and European, so pretty fancy.
It's been so crazy showing someone all of the exact same things
someone showed me nearly 9 months ago! Hahah even down to the little
cracks in the road while we're biking. I know the city of Paramaribo
like the back of my hand at this point so it's going to be bittersweet
to pass it off to someone else! we've been lucky with the rain, i
don't think i got soaked this week fortunately, Elder Prestera keeps
praying for it, on the other hand, hahah he's dying to see a real
jungle downpour, I'm hoping that our prayers can just cancel each
other out or something, not positive how that works exactly but we'll
see. I planned all of the pday activities with the zone leaders last
week and it sounds like we have some cool stuff coming up! We'll be
playing sports on my birthday, and apparently there's a place called
overbrug with a cool view and a volleyball net we want to go to, so it
should be a good transfer for pday's! That's most of what's happening
with me for this week, I love my trainee and I still love being a
missionary!! I'll talk to you all next week!!
Elder Carpenter

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