Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey everybody! Happy Easter and General Conference week! I hope you
all had a great time, my week was pretty fun and I had an awesome
week. First things first i'll let you guys know that I'll be staying
right here for this next transfer with elder Orton, we have a lot of
good people progressing so i'm glad for the opportunity to stay in the
area to work on helping these awesome people make more progress in the
gospel. As of right now we have 3 people with baptismal dates, what's
more important though is seeing who comes to church and keeps their
commitments with us, there are a couple who I think are really strong,
'O' and 'R.' Both come from part member families which is a
great and immediate support system for them. I'll keep you guys posted
with how theyre progressing. For April Fool's day this past week we
were at sister Salik's for our last appointment of the day and invited
the elders from north's area to come see her with us. Before they
came, I had an idea to ask sister salik to pretend that she converted
to Jehovah's witnesses so the other elders would freak out hahah. Her
immediate response was, "Elder! I would neverrrrrr become a jehovahs
wickedness!" hahah but after quite a bit of convincing she finally
agreed. She grabbed her copy of the JW bible (they try to give her
things all the time) and when the other elders came she broke the news
and it was hilarious. The other elders were pulling scriptures like
crazy trying to convince her hahah we let them off the hook before
they started bearing solemn testimony. It was hilarious we were all
dying laughing. I loved General Conference these past couple days as
well, I liked the obvious emphasis on Family and I think that's
something I can apply in my missionary work here. They could use
stronger families here seeing as a good part of them tend to be single
parents raising their kids. Either that or they're often just
unmarried which is very common here as well. In other news  two of my
favorite missionaries Elder Beckstrand and Pulsipher just went home!!
They were some of my favorite missionaries here and i'll miss them a
ton! Another interesting story from today is that the zone leaders
just asked us to pick up a couple packages, we got there and turns out
they had 6 packages! two of them were over thirty pounds. Me and elder
orton just beared it and somehow managed to bring all 6 of them back
to the apartment on our bikes hahah, pictures will follow. That's
about it but before I go this week I'd like to wish my dad happy
birthday!!! Thanks for everything you do Dad, You're the best!!
Love, Elder Carpenter


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