Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 27

Hey everybody! Amazing week! I feel like a very blessed missionary right now, the baptism service of 'R' went great. She was such an amazing investigator I don't even think I deserved her! She's so excited to be a member of the church and just got confirmed in our branch yesterday. She thanked us multiple times for helping her learn more about the gospel and changing her life around, she is in the process of going through a divorce with her husband and she told us that we came exactly when she needed help most. I don't think I'll ever forget her mother, a recent convert herself, come up to me crying saying "God bless you elder! God is going to bless you for baptizing my daughter!" Her mother had tried herself to get her to come to church but she never really showed much interest, it wasn't until we came, she told us, she began to get a desire to know these things for herself. And as if that isn't already enough, 'D,' our other investigator, asked me to baptize him this saturday! He isn't much farther behind 'R' in how prepared he was, I've grown to love both of them a lot and I'm so glad to see the steps they're taking to follow Christ. I know I was sent here specifically to meet these awesome people. This p-day I was finally able to get my ping pong set out and show everybody else what's up. It was pretty fun, we mostly just hung out at the church building with the other missionaries, speaking of whom a lot are leaving soon! The older group in front of us all leave at pretty much the same time, in late may I'm going to be in the group of oldest missionary's here!! A lot of things will probably get moved around next transfer, I'm almost certain i'll be moving, but that's not for 3 more weeks so I have a little more time here. In other news we've definitely hit the rainy season, it's rained 5 of the past 7 days which makes missionary work a true test of patience I won't lie. I hate getting soaked, especially in my nice clothes, but I survive and we make due, i'm truly amazed at how the tin roofs on a lot of these houses stay attached. I'm pretty much out of interesting things to say so I'll tell just tell you guys there was a big cereal sale today and I bought six boxes of honeycomb cereal so I'm pretty happy about that. Anyways pictures will soon follow and I'll hopefully be letting you all know how the baptism of 'D' went next week! Love and miss you guys!
Elder Carpenter

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