Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20

Hey everyone!! This week was great for me and for a multitude of reasons. I'll start you off with a progress report of our investigators, 'R' will almost certainly be baptized this saturday, and our investigator 'D' should be following her the Saturday after!! Things are definitely picking up in our area and I feel super blessed to have found and be working with such awesome people! These two investigators are definitely special to me and I really feel as if I've developed a strong bond with them while teaching. They were super prepared and I feel like they are very receptive to the spirit. Pictures of the first baptism should be following next week if all goes as planned! I also have a couple hilarious stories for you guys, hahah while visiting Sister Marlene's house, we were talking with Peterson, who's her son in law, and actually an american! When we came we saw a bike in the house, and upon asking about it peterson said "oh, didn't you guys hear? someone tried to rob the house last night, Eric (Marlene's son) totally scared him off with his gun, and chased him off down the street, and then totally stole the guy's bike!!" Hahahah we were laughing so hard, and Eric was so proud of it, he was like "It rides good! Rides good! You want ride?" hahaha so i went up and down the street a couple times on the stolen bike, it was hilarious. Story number two begins while teaching an investigator named 'm,' it was raining so we went behind his house where there's cover, it's a narrow alley, with a house to your left and a gate to the right. In the middle of teaching, a little kid comes up behind my chair, and upon turning around I see this guy's totally naked, I try to pay it no mind and keep teaching but as i do that, he starts climbing the gate to my left, and the higher he gets, the closer this little guy's butt is to my face, until eventually I just really can't handle it anymore and i lean my chair back, but upon doing so my chair breaks from under me! And I land in a big puddle, and the water spout where the rain was draining from just lands right in my face, hahah it was definitely one of those, "i'm sure i'll laugh later" moments, and so it is now. We played games at the church for p-day and the senior couple from guyana, the poulsons, totally got lunch for everybody! They're the best and we had a great time playing games with them. It was a great week and I'm super excited for the next one! I miss and love you guys a ton! And I hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Carpenter
The bike he took from the robber
Had to edit this one!!! hahaha

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