Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13

Hey everybody! Heartfelt greetings from out here in Suriname! This
week was fantastic!! I'll start with the best news, which is that just
last Thursday one of our investigators, 'R,' pulled us aside at
dinner and told us that she prayed and pondered the baptismal date we
gave her for the 25th, and decided it was a step she should take! Me
and Elder Orton could hardly believe our ears! We tell people every
day to ponder and pray but this is one of the first times I've seen
someone put it to the test with faith and a sincere desire. She's dead
set on her date now, and has already begun inviting family and
friends! (A great sign that it's actually going to go through) So me
and elder Orton are super excited about it. Also we got a sweet
referral from one of our less active members we've been working with
and he came to church last sunday! We have an appointment with him
tomorrow and so hopefully we can turn him into another progressing
investigator very soon! We have some awesome things coming along and
I'm excited that I'm here another transfer to follow up with a lot of
the seeds that we planted just the transfer before. Just the other day
we had a pretty funny experience while we were on a walk with one of
our really old members named sister Lucia, She's a little less active
but she's SUPER religious and is awesome, her problems just stem from
the fact she's a new convert so she's still getting used to a couple
things in the church. We were walking her dogs with her while teaching
a lesson and we noticed that there were a bunch of dying fish on the
side of the road whose puddles had dried up. A couple kids were
picking the fish up and tossing them into a nearby puddle where they
could live and when sister lucia saw she threw her hands up and
started shouting "God bless you boys!! God loves the animals just as
much as you!! You're doing a great work!!" hahaha it was pretty funny,
she's an awesome old lady. In other news I think I've finally got to
the point on my mission where I'm out of the loop in the
technology,socialmedia,music department. I've stopped recognizing most
of the songs cars play when they pass by and I still haven't held an
iphone 6 in my hands yet. I've decided it's not worth trying to keep
up with it all, I think it's easy to understand why a lot of old
people just give up, it's a lot simpler that way i'll be honest.
Anyways that's most everything for this week, everything's running
smooth here in Paramaribo and so hopefully that trend continues! Love
and miss you guys!
Elder Carpenter

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