Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30

Hey everybody, last week of March and also the last week of this
transfer! We played an intense game of soccer north zone (mine)
against the south zone. We chose the activity specifically because one
of the missionaries, elder Beckstrand, goes home in just 7 days!! He's
an awesome missionary and i'm certainly going to miss him! North zone
won it in overtime 5-4, me and elder james put elder Beckstrand on our
shoulders after the game and it was a pretty good time hahah. I'm also
looking forward to general conference next week! When you're a
missionary it's almost like a holiday, we don't go out and teach we
get to just relax and listen so it's a nice change of pace from the
norm. We picked up a couple new investigators this week, me and elder
Orton have turned into contacting machines recently so our
investigator pool is really big, which is nice because it makes it
easier for us to fill our schedule. Other than 'O' no one has
been superrrr good at progressing this week, a couple people didn't
come to church who promised but that's pretty much the story of every
missionary's life out here hahah so I try not to get too worked up
about it. We also had interviews with President Mehr on saturday, they
went great though I was hoping he would tell me my next transfer call,
It looks like i'll probably have to wait until next week to let you
guys know what's happening with me! We also had exchanges with our
zone leaders, elder Pulsipher and elder Helm, Elder Pulsipher loves me
so I went in his area and was also in the truck the whole day (yes!)
Having a day off from biking was pretty nice i'm not going to lie.
Something crazy that did happen this week though was that their
apartment got robbed! Someone came around 7 or 8 before they got home
and tore their whole apartment apart! Nothing personal was stolen, not
even their cameras it seems like he was looking for just money,
probably so he couldn't get caught with anything on him, but it was
crazy! Anyways I think that's about everything this week, miss you
guys and have a great week!
Elder Carpenter

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