Tuesday, March 3, 2015

6 months

Fawaka (that's srnan tongo for what's up) This week was a good week
and my first in my new area! Things are moving right along down here
when it comes to missionary work just this week we picked up 7 new
investigators and were able to set two baptismal dates! It won't mean
anything if they don't come to church (and that tends to be the hard
part) but it was great to see me and elder Orton make some early
progress in our new area. I like the area a lot and there's a bunch of
cool stuff about it. We have the two best grocery stores close by and
they sell a lot more american things which after weeks of doing our
shopping at sketchy chinese shops is an epic upgrade. There's also a
really cool road called the Ringweg that we take a lot that has a
really cool river in between the two lanes and there's always people
out fishing in it who wave to you as you go by its pretty peaceful and
it makes biking more fun. The two people who we scheduled baptismal
dates are both superrrr old, One was born in 1934! And the other turns
80 later this month... Hahah but theyre both super active, the one
born in 1934 still rides his bike around! And told us that he would
ride to church this sunday. He was shocked when I told him I was 18,
and I about fell off my chair when he told me he was 80! hahah in
other news there was yet another drunk guy giving us trouble the other
day, we were teaching a lesson when he started yelling to me asking me
to "borrow" my bike, hahah obviously the answer was no and he said
"God says you're supposed to share!" And then started yelling at us in
Srnan Tongo hahah it was an interesting experience to say the least.
In other news I totally learned how to make pizza. I'm surviving out
here and things are going well! I know for a fact that we were led to
the investigators we met this week and that they were prepared for us
to teach. I hope you all have a great first week of March and You'll
hear from me next week!
Elder Carpenter


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