Monday, February 23, 2015

feb 23

Hey everybody! we're headed into the last week of February and by the
time I e-mail next week I'll have already hit the 6 month mark out
here. We got transfer calls just a couple days ago and I found out I'm
getting transferred! But just barely, hahah. Turns out I'm going to
re-open an area in Paramaribo called Munder, which is right above my
old area and i'll still be going to the same church on sunday, me and
elder orton are going to open it together so all that really happened
was I left the trio I was in for a transfer and now it's just me and
him, I'll be bereft of my beloved trainer Elder Dom but I'm excited
for the opportunity to take the lead a little bit more and grow as a
missionary. I think my dutch has progressed well enough to the point I
won't have too many problems with the language barrier anymore and I
think helping elder Orton with the language will be the first thing on
my to do list when we get there. After being in Guyana a few months
right out of the MTC he has struggled a little bit with the language
but I'm planning to help him out and fix that this transfer. We made a
lot  of progress with a couple of our investigators this week, and had
4 investigators in sacrament meeting which was really awesome to see,
unfortunately I'm going to have to say goodbye to a lot of them soon!
But fortunately i'll still see them whenever they come to church so
hopefully they like me enough to go there and see me... All of
suriname came together today for a combined zone sports activity where
we played soccer, I've decided I really don't like soccer but it was
still fun to play it and see the other missionaries today. Other than
us elders in Paramaribo not much else changed with the transfers, the
old group only has two transfers left, so in 3 months my group will be
the oldest with just a couple exceptions since we got one or two
others between my group and the old one. In other news I totally have
two pet dogs sort of. When we get home at night i whistle and they
come running to the gate outside our apartment where I give them food
its pretty funny. And what's even funnier is that i totally named them
after my sisters Marley and Bailey, I am currently looking for another
part time pet to name Sydney so she doesn't feel left out, I see lots
of geckos so if I can catch one of those it has some potential.
Currently no idea what i'd feed it though... But anyways I'm looking
forward to being responsible for a new area and i'm a little anxious
to see how it all goes! Hopefully well! I love you guys and i'll let
you know how it is next week!
Elder Carpenter

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