Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 16

Hey everybody!! What a crazy week I had, hahah but before I get to the
crazy stuff I'll mention a few things about some of our investigators,
'A' wasn't able to make it to church this sunday and we've begun to
have some concerns with her in that she is very poor, and we're
worried from the way she's been acting and the things she's said she
wants to just use the church to help her financial situation out,
unfortunately we're worried her conversion will hinge on how much the
church helps her which in suriname really isn't that much, and the law
of tithing wasn't well received either... but we're going to keep
working with her she's just having some setbacks we can hopefully work
on. My new favorite investigator is a thirteen year old named 'J,' I
met him on exchanges and played some soccer with him (he was impressed
with how long I could keep bouncing the ball on my feet) but I didn't
really try to contact him seeing as it was just him and his friends.
Then to my great surprise this kid I randomly met came to church on
Sunday! He asked to come in to get a drink of water and met some other
kids and stayed the whole time! He came again to church yesterday and
is super cool, I let him draw in my planner during sacrament meeting
and he's really good! Hahah we've begun to teach him and sometimes his
mother and he's been making great progress. In other news elder Orton
my companion was biking the other night and was in front of us aways
when this old surinamese guy passed him on his bike and started making
fun of him hahahah we were behind laughing so hard, also I GOT BIT BY
A HORSE TODAY! and i totally have a picture of it. We went to the
paramaribo zoo today and they had a horse hahaha because i guess thats
like super foreign for them or something and i stood next to it to get
a picture, right as the picture was being taken this guy just totally
took a bite at me! I won't lie i screamed pretty loud, but it was a
good time. I feel like they actually had a decent exhibit overall and
i liked the fact they had a lot less regulations with the animals than
normal zoo's hahah we were able to get superrrrr close to a lot of
them it was sweet. in other news its still flippin hot and its getting
on my nerves but other than that i'm having a marvelous time. Have a
great week everyone you'll hear from me again soon
Elder Carpenter
 They teach a Book of Mormon class on Sunday evenings

 "THE" horse :(

 Apparently didn't learn his lesson about getting close to animals. 
At least this one didn't bite. This time.

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