Tuesday, January 6, 2015


hey everyone! 
sorry i missed you on monday our p-day was pushed back a
day due to zone conference! There was a lot that happened, i'll start
with new year's, one of our favorite members, sister 'm,' invited
us over. Her house is very nice for suriname and has two floors and
and extension that leads to a balcony on the roof, so we climbed up
there to watch fireworks on new years, because that's the big day for
them here. From there i could see all of the fireworks in suriname
going off at one time! it was one of the coolest things ive ever seen,
and definitely topped the list of new year's eve celebrations. The
only downside was... 
*breath for dramatic pause*... 
I have
chikungunya. i've had it since last Monday on p-day, but the good news
is you don't have to worry because i'm already better! it only lasted
about 3 or 4 days, i was stuck inside with a high fever and some joint
pain, it was really annoying to have but at least i've gone through
it. I was feeling a little sick new year's eve but really didn't want
to miss all of the fireworks, fortunately i felt good enough and had a
great time! Later that week we had another contacting activity in the
city with president and sister mehr there with us! It went really well
and i drew the plan of salvation at every station to help people have
a visual to look at so that was pretty cool. Zone Conference was just
yesterday and we had some cool lessons, mostly focused on working with
members, so that's something we're going to put a renewed focus on. We
played basketball today with the assistants and other elders from
french guyana who come to have zone conference with us, and so having
some new people for a little while was pretty cool, something else
funny is that i've begun to start a chess fad here in suriname.
Because i was sick i played elder dom in a lot of chess, hahah and
after beating him i began to play the other missionaries and thanks in
part to my chikungunya giving me time to practice i have finally been
able to declare myself the best chess player here in suriname. which only i
am very excited about. Anyways im very excited to enter the new year 
with renewed vigor in order to see success! My dutch is becoming
better and better which ill need if me and elder dom get separated
next transfer! i don't know if it will happen but we'll probably find
out this week if we're staying or moving. I hope all of you had a
great new year and don't think im apostate for e-mailing on tuesday. i
had permission.so its cool.

 Love, Elder Carpenter

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