Monday, January 19, 2015

Wolfpack Suriname style

Hoe gaat het iedereen its been a great week here in suriname and a lot
has happened! We picked up elder orton from a tiny airport thursday,
he flew in on a tiny single engine propeller plane and hardly knows
any dutch! But we've had a fun time and he's learning fast. It's nice
to finally not be the newest one or have the people look at you the
strangest when you're trying to learn dutch. We've already found great
success with him though! We met a new investigator named 'V,' she
was a referral from the pelswijks, one of the families in our branch.
V has A LOT of life problems at the moment, from her unfaithful
husband to the fact she's recently discovered she may have cancer at
only 38. We taught her a very powerful restoration lesson followed up
with a lesson about fasting a few days later. She responded very well
and we decided that we would fast with her together for what blessings
she needed in her life right now. We haven't met with her again yet
and she has obstacles to overcome but so far I feel like her life is
one of the one's i've been able to begin to make a big difference in,
and I hope that continues and she progresses. We also have a new
investigator named 'A,' we met her outside a house and invited her
to church, she said she would come and wanted us to come pick her up!
We were pretty shocked seeing as how getting people to come to church
is normally the hardest part of our job... so we have very high hopes
for 'A!' Lastly, we have 'I,' the little brother of one of our
just re-activated branch members, he's expressed a desire to be
baptized and so if we see that he and his sister stay active we plan
on teaching him soon! I don't know if it's a suriname thing or a
missionary thing but i have been super tired the last few days! I'm
convinced there's actually something about the atmosphere here that
contributes to laziness and tiredness. I couldn't count on both hands
how many times appointments have been rescheduled due to people giving
their hammocks priority over us. But it's whatever, we're making
progress with a lot of good people! And one of the less active
families we teach has been coming back to church! I was really excited
about that. we had another sister named sister ramlal who has been
re-activated as well! I'm really glad that i've been able to help
these people come back to church. I am extremely disappointed to hear
that i have to miss my favorite team go to the superbowl as well!! I
hope it's not sacreligious to say the seahawks will be in my thoughts
and prayers come super bowl sunday. I hope you all have another
awesome week!! I love you guys!!
Elder Carpenter
 Elder Carpenter's kitchen
 And Elder Orton makes three!
 Their favorite monkey
 Scary dog
 Random back yard
Giant casino in the middle of Paramaribo

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