Monday, January 12, 2015

Transfer to.......just kidding. He's staying right where he is.

Hey guys! Another week come and gone, i'm still feeling great and had
an awesome week! I found out that i will be staying right where i am
with elder Dom for another transfer, the only difference being we get
a third companion! His name is elder Orton and he's been stuck in
Guyana with visa problems and is finally coming into suriname! We're a
little nervous about having 3 people and how that's going to work out
with everything but it will be nice to have someone new. I knew him in
the mtc for a few days and he seemed like a pretty cool kid, i'm sure
that everything will still be fine. In other news one of the people
that I helped our zone leaders find while we were on exchanges got
baptized this last week! We found him a few weeks ago and he was a
super prepared investigator, I was really excited for him when I found
out he was baptized a few days ago! We picked up a couple new
investigators just the other day as well, one of them is named 's'
and i didn't catch the name of the other but we were able to teach
them a great lesson and im excited to see how they progress! Our
investigators still have a hard time coming to church.. if there's one
thing im stressed about it's probably just that, i want them to
progress badly but its just much more difficult to get some of these
people to church than it should be, I hope they have a change of heart
soon. I found out that elder bowen, one of my favorite missionaries
here who came with me in my mtc group, is going to uitkijk! uitkijk is
known as probably the hardest place in the mission and its in the
middle of the jungle so he wont see us very often. I was disappointed
to hear it but he's determined to have an upbeat attitude about it
which i agree is for the best. He's very good at staying positive and
im sure the people down there are going to love him. Im glad im
staying in paramaribo south, we have some good people progressing they
just need a little more time and motivation which im praying will help
them progress and make the right choices! We gave 'r' another
lesson on the word of wisdom and showed him how much money he could
save if he stopped drinking and smoking, it was nearly 500 surinamese
dollars every week! he was super excited to stop after we showed him
that so im hoping that can be the extra motivation he needs in order
to stop. As usual thank you all for your continued love and support! I
can't believe i'm already on my 4th transfer in my mission! I miss you
guys and can't wait to hear from you all next week!
Love, Elder Carpenter
 A set of French Guiana Elders stayed with them for Zone Conference
 They play on these fields and courts on p-day sometimes.

One of Elder Carpenter's favorite sisters in the branch.  He says she is hilarious! :)

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