Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan 26

hey everyone sorry im late today! We had a really cool p-day activity at a place called Cola Creek, its a park of sorts here and there's a creek that's super dark, almost black, but still really clean water. It's kind of an open area where we just hang out and play games and it was a lot of fun! The unfortunate thing about it though was that I may have pulled something in my back.... when i was jumping something felt really weird and hurt a lot and i wasn't really able to walk. But it's slowly been getting progressively better so hopefully in the next day or two it's no problem. We were disappointed a little in this week in that only one of our investigators came to church, but we have a lot of people to teach right now and I feel like i'm really starting to get things down as a missionary and the best way to do things. I have no doubt im going through a lot of personal growth out here and im learning new things everyday. Going from someone who normally didn't like being super talkative to everyone i met and then being compelled to be a missionary to every person on the street has certainly been demanding, looking back to 5 months ago when I first started looks like a different person in a lot of ways. But I realize it's also good that i hold onto who i was, it's by being yourself i've found you connect best with the members. I've made some awesome friends here and I think it's awesome what the people are willing to do for their friends here. We have a baptismal date for February 7th scheduled with our investigator 'I,' all should go according to plan if his sister and him prove to continue to stay active. We have a couple other people potentially coming up who could progress further if they come to church so we'll have to wait and see until next week if they finally take that step! In other news I am 3-0 on surinamese kids trying to beat me in bike races. I hope you all have a great week i miss you guys
Elder Carpenter

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