Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dec 29, 2014

Hey everyone it was great to hear about all of your awesome christmas
experiences! I had a great time on christmas, was able to talk with my
family, and went to a branch christmas party at one of our favorite
member's houses. She has a really cool upper floor on her roof with
glass ceilings and there were a decent amount of people shooting
fireworks, it was a good night overall. Just a couple days after we
went with the young adults of our branch to visit a bunch of less
actives in our area, and then after went to the center of paramaribo
to look at the giant christmas tree, i'll include pictures but i was
impressed by the size of it, it was obviously fake, but if you squint,
and mabye tilt your head just a little bit, it actually looked quite
nice. (That actually goes for pretty much like all of Suriname) there
was also a cool view of the giant bridge they have here in suriname,
i'll actually be going over it today so i'll take some cool pictures
to send next week. We're going to a place called new amsterdam that's
supposed to be pretty nice. I think I might be a little sick today,
but hopefully it's nothing that bad, although coming down with dengue
fever would probably make for a cool story im not really that excited
about the actually catching it part... it's crazy to see (there is an
old man on the computer next to me singing and i feel uncomfortable)
time flying by back home i miss you guys and hope everything keeps
going as well as it has. And last of all happy birthday to Bailey! I
hope you have an awesome birthday today sixteen is an awesome age to
turn! Oh and best of luck trying to see over the steering wheel :)


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