Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15

hey everyone! So great to hear how you all are doing! I had a great week and especially one funny day in particular. That was when me and elder B went on exchanges, we were both in the mtc together and so we're both relatively new missionaries to go on exchanges, but we figured we could handle it. First thing in the morning we get ready to leave and elder b locks his apartment and bike keys inside xD We had no idea what to do since his other companion with the only other set of keys was so far away. Luckily me and elder B are a creative couple of missionaries, we found the keys on the kitchen table, here in suriname all the windows have bars so people dont break in so it wasnt as easy as going through their window, we looked around and i found a broom to use to try to reach in, but it was so far in the middle of the room we couldn't reach it. We find ANOTHER broom, but have no idea how to stick them together until it dawned on me to use our ties, we roped them around and made a super broom with our ties, problem was, we still couldnt grab the keys... about after 5 minutes of brainstorming i found a dustpan with a really long handle by some trash out back, and using that we were able to stick both through the bars of the window and meticulously sweep the keys into the dustpan. An epic celebration followed, and we taught a bunch of great people that day. I also fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine to school foreign kids in basketball while serving a mission. Not going to lie i put some moves on these kids. And their friends videotaped it so you guys may or may not want to look for me starring in a famous youtube video. Other than that this week has been pretty good 'R' continues to progress and we met an awesome previous investigator named 'J', if she comes to church this sunday I think she has awesome potential. Another announcement is that theyre splitting our mission! Starting July our mission will include just trinidad, guyana, suriname, curasou, aruba, and the bahamas! since i speak dutch i was told that almost for 100% certainty i'll be sent to either curasou or aruba! so that was really exciting news! Our christmas plans aren't anything too crazy, they let you watch a movie with all the other missionaries, and im sure we'll have a big dinner at one of the members houses, so that'll be cool, anyways i love and miss you guys and love hearing from you! I hope everyone is enjoying their time as christmas is getting closer and closer! And happy birthday shoutout to my big sister tomorrow! I hope you have a great day Marley!
Love, Elder Carpenter

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