Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23

Hey family and friends! This was a good week, with both ups and downs,
the good news is that we had a couple new people come to church, one
was a man named 'P' who is an ex-hindu who has been really interested
in the lessons that we teach. The other was an older lady who is the
mother of one of the recent converts in the branch. Both really seemed
to enjoy church and I'm excited to go back and teach them. I'm really
tired of the rain. This is transfer week. We will find out Saturday so I'll let you guys know next week. I also saw an anaconda! it was like 10 feet long but i dont have any pictures since it was raining and i didnt bring the camera. I
know that's totally lame to say and then not have any pictures to back
it up but i guess you just have to believe me that it was huge. We
went to the city for pday today to hang out with the north zone
missionaries and it was pretty fun. 
What's cool about the guy 'P'
we're teaching is that he is actually known around this side of town
for just being a lazy bum who drinks a lot but we are seeing a real
change in his life and I could tell everyone was very impressed when
he came to church this sunday. I thought that was probably the coolest
experience of this week. I love you guys and hope you all have a great
Lobi, Elder Carpenter

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