Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2 on Carpenter Street

Hello everyone! This week was really good, we continue to teach
'W,' who gets more and more excited for his baptismal date as it
draws closer, and also were able to teach some really powerful lessons
where we challenged a lot of people to baptism and to come to church.
We have been focusing really hard recently on teaching what the spirit
would have us say instead of being comfortable with just getting
lessons across. It has been going well so far and I'm excited to see
what kind of a difference it can make. Elder Geigenmiller ran over a
snake with his bike that almost tried to bite us after so that was
pretty funny, we took a picture of it and someone told us it was a
kind of viper! hahaha so we may have almost died but it's all a part
of the job i guess. For the first time since i've been in this area we
actually got a really good member referral! It was actually really
good and it was for a lady named 'S.' we had one appointment and
she was really happy to see us, she also lives on a street called
temremanstraat, which is srnan tongo for carpenter street! So I think
that's a good sign, anyways, i hope you all have a good week and I'll
talk to you all again soon.
Elder Carpenter

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