Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9 cows, goats and the viper

Hello and happy day after mother's day!! It's been a great week here
in 'Nam and 'W' is still good for his baptism this saturday so all
is good at the moment. We've been trying really hard to set some more
baptismal dates and that's been going well, I had to use a spare bike
this whole week which was absolutely terrible :p it went like 3 miles
an hour and was a test of patience for sure. I am trying to think if
anything crazy happened but this week was pretty bland. I was a
litttle disappointed in it. I tried to give a restoration pamphlet to
a goat and a cow tried to charge me but other than that there wasn't a
whole lot. I drank straight out of a coconut as well though and that
was weird, I decided it wasn't my thing but everyone here loves them.
The highlight for sure was probably just skyping my family. They are
the best!! I'm so grateful for the chance I had to see them again. I
miss you guys and hope you have a good one. Until next week!
Elder Carpenter
This large cow likes to charge passers by.

The viper Elder Geigenmiller ran over that tried to bite him!!

The goat is in the middle of the road...I guess we need to turn around.

Contacting a goat.

"Unique" architecture in Suriname.

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