Saturday, June 4, 2016

May 30

Hello! I hope that you all are doing well, I received a transfer call
the other day that told me that I will be staying here with Elder
Geigenmiller for one more transfer! And so it looks like he will be my
4th companion that I have for 3 transfers or more :o I am excited
about the area Wanica South right now because we have lots of people
to teach which is really good. We have two people on baptismal dates
for later in june or early july and I am hoping that they both make
it. One of them is an extended family member of the 'A' family, he is 15 and a great kid who has come to church the past two
months in a row without missing a day! He comes with the bus together
with the 'A' family to church ever sunday. The other is 'P' who I
mentioned last week, he is trying to overcome an addiction right now
and with a little help will hopefully be able to get baptized in the
following months if it goes well. He has a strong desire so I know
that the Lord will help him. This week rained a decent amount, but
that's not out of the usual, I do hope that the rain stops sometime
this transfer though. We did a service project for a member and
returned missionary also named 'W' and helped him cut a bunch of
grass and trees with machetes. He was complaining the whole time how
he's 27 and trying to find a wife. He said one of his few candidates
at the moment is 'A.'  A member in paramaribo who i baptized!
Hahah when I told him that he said that I am going to be the master of
ceremonies so I hope it works out between them. Anyways, I hope you
all have a great week and you'll hear from me again soon!
All the missionaries in Suriname 
Elder Geigenmiller hugging a cactus
Their bikes in front of a house

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