Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feb 9 Happy Chinese New Year....year of the bat? :0

Another week come and gone, we had zone conference just a couple days
ago and it was really cool. President Egbert talked about the
atonement and had some really good insights. He broke the Atonement
down into 7 points, every point being something different that the
Atonement can do. I don't remember all 7 off the top of my head but a
couple were forgiveness of sins, healing infirmities, resisting satan,
and etc. We also had district conference this week, (The normal
equivalent of stake conference) A funny story is that during district
conference, a bat flew into the chapel! Hahah it was pretty crazy, it
flew around for a few minutes until it got clipped by a ceiling fan!
In other news my companion Elder Van Den Herik has been pretty sick
recently. He had to get an MRI of his stomach to see what was wrong.
Hoping that he makes a speedy recovery this week. I'm getting used to
driving the humongous white van around, no incidents or fatalities to
report yet thank goodness. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time
this week but I hope you all have a great week! 
Elder Carpenter
Ps. all the internet places were closed
yesterday due to chinese new year's. and right now is the earliest i
could get on since this is the only working cyber cafe for 8
missionaries to go to and i had to drive everyone. hahah its been a
super hectic day
Regarding the bat:
It was actually dark outside because it was a leadership session of
district conference. and I actually saw it again later because the
next day we played sports by the church! It was still crawling around
outside the church parking lot the next day! It's wing was distorted
so it couldn't fly very far it was crazy

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