Monday, February 15, 2016

Feb 15 Alligator!

HELLO FAMILY!! I'm happy to report that my companion, Elder Van Den
Herik, has made a full recovery! Things are finally back to normal
with us and I'm very happy about it. This upcoming week one of sister
'D's' sons will be baptized, unfortunately sister 'D' is still
unmarried and can't be baptized yet but she is an extremely converted
woman. It's really just her uninterested husband who is holding her
back these days. On exchanges this week we got some good contacting in
and met a sweet guy named Leroy. He was blasting music in his house
and I thought there was no way it was going to work out, but sure
enough he walks right out and lets us in before we even introduced
ourselves! hahah he was also excited to take a Book of Mormon and so
I'm really excited about him and if he progresses. Our branch
presidency here in wanica just got switched around, and two people in
our area just got the melchizidek priesthood! This area is really
growing and I feel really proud of the work we've been able to
accomplish here the past little while especially with the members.
They all have very good scripture study habits and I can see that
making a big difference in the branch and the enthusiasm they have to
do missionary work. Last side note: Totally saw a wild Alligator
today! Hahah it was at least 3 feet long, pretty freaky! I hope you
all had a great Valentine's Day!
Elder Carpenter
The alligator in its natural habitat!
Service in the branch
The crazy bat from last weeks email. 

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