Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb 22 the Polar Express

Hello everyone! The baptism of 'FD' went through this week
which we were happy about, his older brother 'R,' who is also
preparing for a mission, was able to baptize him and I could tell it
was a really good experience for their whole family. We also held a
contacting activity in Lelydorp, with just the south zone only, and
set up a free lemonade stand! We gave out about 10.5 liters of
lemonade and a whole box full of book of mormons so I'd say it was a
pretty good success! Today for our Pday activity I drove the white van
now nicknamed "The Polar Express" with almost all the missionaries in
Suriname to a place called Overbrug, where we've been once before a
long time ago. It was a great time and the view there is sweet! We
played a lot of volleyball and had lunch up there and it was a great
day. In other news the polar express also got a flat tire a few days
ago and I'm happy to report I replaced it with minimum casualties,
thanks mostly to a wonderfully detailed owner's manual. we met a new
investigator who teaches us srnan tongo as well and so with any luck i
can be a trilingual missionary upon return home! Hahah although there
is no possible way I will ever be able to use this jungle language
again its still cool to have. That's about it but Mi lobi Yu en Mi si
yu backa :)
Elder Carpenter

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