Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb 1 Dirt road to somewhere

Hello Everyone!
It's the week before zone conference here, we are expecting president
and sister egbert on February 5th for zone and district conference so
at the moment we're getting everything ready for that. We have a
baptismal date set this week for one of Sister 'D's' sons
so that's pretty cool, other than that we also got a new member in our
area, his name is Brother 'Z' and he lives all the way in Domburg.
A place that's about an hour bike ride away! We've decided we might
try to go up there once a week and contact to get some more
investigators in the area, hence making the trip a little more
worthwhile. But I'm excited to see brother z, he actually used to
be someone I taught in my old area, Paramaribo south, until he had a
sudden issue and disappeared from the church for awhile. Needless to
say it's cool that I'll get a second chance to teach him and hopefully
help resolve whatever concerns he has so he can come back to church.
Something cool that happened this week was probably when we were
trying to follow up with a referral we got, after an hour of biking we
finally realized we were pretty lost and were about to give up on
finding the person when suddenly, a huge, 4000kg truck pulls over on
the side of the road and starts waving to us! Turns out, the driver,
was someone that I used to teach named Brother 'An!' Hahah and upon
speaking I asked him if he had any knowledge of the road we were
looking for, and sure enough, he pointed us to the right way, a tiny
dirt road I never would have thought of trying if he hadn't told me,
and so in my eyes it was pretty much a miracle! Anyways, I hope that
everyone is well and that you all have a great week!
Elder Carpenter
THE obscure dirt road that they thought led to nowhere
In Domburg

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