Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4 BUSTED!

Helloooooo Friends and family! This week was so crazy, I am just dead
tired right now. We took a trip to Brownsberg again, and had a great
time, unfortunately doing that trip requres us to wake up at like 3:30
a.m. but it was worth it. There were a lot of missionaries who hadn't
gone yet which is the reason we planned it. The highlight of the trip
though, was definitely on the way home, hahah where I got pulled over
by the good ol' surinamese police force. Long story short though it
really wasn't a fair ticket. and so I called our Branch President,
(who is also a police officer) and thanks to his intervention the
surinamese police station might have just miraculously "lost" all
record of my "ticket" hahahah so that was pretty sweet. I loved
general conference, I loved Elder Bednar's talk and also both of
Uchtdorf's talks that focused on rescuing. I felt that I could relate
to them a lot with the kind of work we do here. We have a lot more
investigators right now thanks to our recent contacting craze and have
had some good follow up lessons, we have a few people who are doing
especially well, a couple, named A& J, are especially
interested in what we teach and literally gave us an applause after
our last lesson, hahah so they're pretty cool. Despite my tiredness I
am still glad to be a missionary, and am proud of the work me and
Elder Geigenmiller have accomplished thus far, we are really trying
our best and I see a lot of blessings because of it. Anywho, I wish
you all the finest of weeks and would like to say happy Birthday to my
Dad!!!! Best man in the world!!!
Elder Carpenter
Waiting in LINE with Elder Van Den Herik to get his ticket with all the others 
Top of the waterfall with Elder Geigenmiller at Brownsberg
Climbing up a waterfall at Brownsberg with Elder Oldroyd 

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