Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29 Second Easter!

Hello everybody!! Worry not, I still draw breath. We were asked to
move our P-day since yesterday is also technically a holiday in the
caribbean called "second easter" hahah and they wanted us to proselyte
on it so that we could find more families and what not. Me and Elder
Geigenmiller had an awesome week though, we got 13 new investigators
this week and beat last week's previous record of 12! Hahah it was so
crazy, we were very blessed, it was mostly due to this awesome new
family we found, their last name is pretty weird but I think it sounds
something like 'P' or i dont know but they are great. The way we
found them was nothing short of miraculous in my opinion. Long story
short it's Easter Day, and we were biking in the rain with nothing to
do. We decided to just start walking up a dirt road in the far south
corner of our area when a car puts it's window down and says "Why
don't you elders visit the 'P' family anymore?" I replied, "I don't
know them! But we can!" hahah we followed her to their house on the
street where the whole family was super excited to see us! They were
so cool, and we learned that missionaries hadn't been there in about a
year and a half or so! We had a short lesson on the atonement with
them since it was easter but I am really excited to go back and teach
them some more. In other news, I get to go to Trinidad in a couple of
weeks!!! They are holding a large mission leadership conference and
are flying us all over there! I'm super pumped, I haven't been to the
mission home in a year and a half!! Anyways, love and miss all you
guys and hope you all have a great week!
Elder Carpenter

 craziest picture this week... a live cayman alligator! this guy was
like steve irwin or something. just holding it barehanded...

 guy riding a horse on the road

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