Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21 Super quick!

okay, a quick summary is that we got 12 new investigators, and have
been working very hard! We contacted a house who thought we were the
polygamists from Warren Jeff's church but after we explained who we
are and what we actually do we were just laughing about it with them.
We played sports and tried wiffleball out for the first time, it was a
solid idea except when i dove for a ball and got mud all over me.
 'G' didn't come to church this week :( but when we asked him why it seemed
like he had a good excuse and he said for CERTAIN that he will come
next week so we let him off the hook this time. But that's about it
for the most part!
Re: Elder Geigenmiller
He is a really cool guy i love being companions with him. super easy to work with and also has a really strong work ethic. 

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