Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 Trinidad and third time is the charm?

made it back alive, so you can all stop holding your breath, I had a
wonderful week in Trinidad and loved the missionary leadership
conference! Trinidad is so cool! The mission home is just as beautiful
as I remembered it a year and a half ago, hahah. While we were there
they actually had a small earthquake! It was while one of the senior
couples was giving us a seminar on how to do reports when everything
in the mission office started shaking!! Hahah the funniest part was
that Elder Bevins, the one giving the address, didn't even notice so
that was great. I got to go teaching with some of the elders there,
one of whom was my long lost son! Elder prestera was one of the elders
I got to serve with and we had a great time together! Hahah it was
great to catch up with him and see how things were going, he looks like he is really enjoying his mission a lot.  I ate some crazy food in trinidad and enjoyed meeting a bunch of people who I'd never seen before. I'm very jealous of the trinidad elders since they have so many things we don't but at the same time I
like our independence and how close we are in Suriname and it wouldn't
be worth to trade in my mind. I also got chikungunya for like the THIRD time and have some weird rash all over my body that has only just now started to go away lol so wish me luck with that. I got home
and slept for 18 HOURS straight so that's a new record or something. I
was dying I won't lie but now that I finally had time to rest I feel
much better and am looking forward to a great week back in Suriname!!
Elder Carpenter
With Elder Hood and Elder Prestera (his 'son') in Trinidad
He hasn't seen hills in a year and a half! 
More Trinidad

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