Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3

Hey guys, this week was a blast and there was a lot of cool stuff! We
had a really cool senior couple stop by suriname for a couple days for
the Bakers who were super cool, and they were even nice enough to buy
all of the missionaries lunch which was super nice of them! We loved
having them and it made me wish we had senior couples of our own!
Hahah in other news our district tried to implement a new contacting
activity and started a free lemonade stand! Although maybe not
organized to perfection we executed it quite well and were able to
meet quite a few new people. One of the funniest parts was when an
american guy we know who is friends with someone in the ward saw us
and swerved over to the side and got out to start helping us flag
people, hahah he himself isn't even a member but we're really good
friends with him, he's here about every other month to consult for a
car company he and his wife, who is originally from suriname, run
together. In other news we were able to see success with a couple less
active members this week, brother "d," who has been to church every
week this past month, has officially been counted as re-activated!
Another, named sister "H," came to church again for the first time
in nearly six months! So I think this week we were really blessed to
see a lot of success there. What I really loved about this week was we
planned a really cool activity to a place called overbrug, which is a
resort area with a pretty cool beach and an area to hang out, play
volleyball, and eat food. We left early this morning and the water was
super high with no one else there which was great and we just hung out
and played some games. It was a pday activity worth doing again, the
only problem was it's about an hour or so away which makes it tough to
go and grab everyone sometimes. And we had a pretty interesting
experience as well when one of the missionaries just simply couldn't
wait any longer to use the bathroom on the way and we totally had to
make a jungle pitstop. It was pretty sketchy and I'm sure it will be a
memorable journal entry for that poor elder. But anyways thats about
all this guys got this week but I hope you all have a good one I'll
talk to you soon!
Elder Carpenter

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