Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 24

Hey everybody! I hope this email finds you all well, we're not up to too horribly much this pday, we had plans to do something but it looks like they're going to fall through at the moment so not positive what lies in store for us today. The Paramaribo district is continuing to flourish, and all three of our trainees continue to adapt surprisingly well to the missionary lifestyle! We had a couple of cool things happen to us this week, we've been focusing on increasing our teaching pool and finding new people and I believe we were really blessed to be led to some awesome people. My favorite story from this week was probably while we were biking to an appointment and saw a lady walking down the road with a BYU shirt! Hahah it was so random we just had to stop her and ask her about it. Unfortunately she had no idea what byu actually was but seemed pretty interested when I explained that it's a university from our church! Afterwards she accepted an invitation to sit with us and we have a return appointment later this week! Her name is 'M' and she seems really cool. Another cool person we met actually contacted us on the way to lunch, he stopped us in our tracks and wanted to say a prayer with us on the spot. apparently he wants to change some things in his life right now which is pretty much right up our alley and so I'll keep you guys posted with how it goes with them this next week! One of my investigators who got taken to a new area in paramaribo, 'O,' came to church this last week! He's technically not my investigator since elder whetten and lewis are teaching him but it was still great to see him and apparently he has a new baptismal date for september 19th which i'm super stoked about! This next week is going to be zone conference with president egbert and so i'm excited to see how his first zone conference with us goes! He seems like a really cool guy and so my expectations are high. Elder prestera gave his first talk this sunday in sacrament meeting and did a great job! He only asked me to translate a few sentences for him the rest was all him and I was impressed with how well it went! Our branch has been seeing some real growth lately and I've been feeling super grateful to be apart of it! I love and miss  you guys and you'll hear from me again soon!
Elder Carpenter
 Elder Carpenter said it is a rare sight to see people doing actual WORK in Suriname.
 The type of buses they ride in from time to time.
 This guy was drunk and yelling at someone who had sprayed water on him while he was sleeping on the ground.
 street art
 street art
 view of the street from the church
 more street from church

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