Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10

Hey everyone! I hope you've all had a great week! We were blessed with
a couple of cool success stories this week, I think first and foremost
with a less active named 'C,' who was baptized since she was
little but probably hasn't stepped inside the church building for
nearly 4 years now! She went less active after her grandpa, a former
branch president and one of the first here in Suriname, passed away.
Now she's grown up and has an adorable one year old child. We used to
stop by her about once a week but a few months ago it got hard to
schedule appointments with her so it had been a while. Until a couple
of days ago, however, when she called us and told us we needed to come
over that day! We stopped by and she told us how she was sitting on
her bed that day, and had a feeling to go and sing a hymn! The hymn
was super inspiring for her and she started to cry and felt inspired
to call us, she told us she has had a very strong confirmation to go
back and plans to return to church for the first time in years this
coming sunday! I thought it was a miraculous change of heart and it
made my week. We hiked to the top of the big commewijne bridge again
this monday with a couple other missionaries and it was really cool to
see it from the top during the daytime! In other news sister 'H,'
another less active came to church for the second time in a row and is
making so much progress! I'm noticing a change in her and the fact I
was able to help her get to that point really means a lot to me. I got
my transfer call and I was told I am spending one more transfer here
to complete the training of elder prestera, I'm happy that I'm still
needed here, this place will always be special to me and it's going to
make leaving really hard, there was a lot the lord needed me here to
do and I hope I've been able to fulfill the needs of the people I've
been able to serve here. Until next week!
Elder Carpenter

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