Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 18 More farming and soccer!!

Hello Everybody!! To whom it may concern I'm continuing to have a
great time here in Wanica with elder Van Den Herik. Although it's
possible it could be our last full week together since transfer calls
are on Saturday, we aren't sure what exactly will happen but we both
think at least one of us will probably get sent somewhere else.
Personally I kind of hope I stay just because the area's pretty good.
One of our investigators, 'E,'has come to church the past two weeks
in a row and so we're excited about that. We helped out again at one
of the member's banana farms and put a whole lot more wooden poles in
the ground he's going to eventually use as a vegetable garden! He
wants to plant something calledd "sopropo" a surinamese vegetable
somewhat similar to green beans just a whole lot more bitter :p
Highlight of that service project was probably getting ambushed by a
cow but eventually giving it water and befriending it until it
eventually let me pet him. He nearly charged me like 4 times but other
than that he was reasonable. Haha we played soccer with all the
missionaries in Suriname and that was pretty cool, we took a group
photo because one of the sisters, sister Christianson, is going home
in 10 days! She flies to Trinidad on saturday and so she's on her way
out. In suriname we all know each other so well that it's always a big
deal when someone heads home, a couple more sisters will be headed out
in the following transfers after but as far as elders go me and my
group of five are pretty much the next ones :O crazy stuff. anyways,
hope you all have a marvelous week and I'll see you guys next week!
Elder Carpenter
Attacking cow!!!!
Caught Elder Rodas sleeping on the job ;)
They got a LOT done!
We think he had a rambutan. He said it was kinda like a grape but with a crazy shell. 
Soccer pday!!

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