Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 11 a lotta nagging gets pictures!! :)

Hey Guys! All is good this week, we had a great time and had a couple
cool things happen to us this week. The first was a sweet service
project we did for a guy named brother "m". He lives pretty far
inland and took us to a piece of his property where we helped him set
up a future garden and trim banana trees! Hahah it was a blast and
such a cool place to see. The other cool thing was that we got a great
member referral from the "Ab"Family, a really cool family in our
branch. They brought her to church last week and everything and so
we're really looking forward to meeting with her this wednesday. The
south zone elders decided to go golfing again this pday, and that was
super cool again, I improved significantly from the first time and had
a few decent drives. (we're fairly certain one was over 325 yards) so
that was pretty great. I almost got killed as well by a guy on a
motorbike yesterday, he wasn't looking as i went over the crosswalk
and skidded his bike! hahah I felt kind of bad for him it was pretty
close, nobody pays attention while they're driving or biking around
here you have to be really careful. There are lots of car accidents
all the time, they're really just terrible drivers. In other news all
of the prices in Suriname have begun to go up as well, it seems like
the dollar is getting more value so their trying to increase their
prices on everything to keep up. Luckily our missionary funds cover it
and so for us it's not a huge deal. Anyways, that's about it but
You'll hear from me again next week! Lobi!
Elder Carpenter
One of the members new puppy named 'spider'
Elder Carpenter flying his R/C mini drone
The gecko that lives in their shower drain
Sunrises and sunsets
Suriname's newest banana farmer
Service project Elder Carpenter and Elder Van Den Herik did. Building a garden and trimming banana trees. 
The Elders Taking a photo op. 
Trying a 'sweet bean'. He said it wasn't very good. 
What kind of tree is this?!  Found on the golf course on pday. 
South Zone golf pday. 

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