Monday, December 28, 2015

Dec 28 party pants, a panda, and a president present!

Hello Friends and Family I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas!
It was definitely a cool one for me and we have a lot to show for our
efforts this week. We picked up two really cool new investigators
named 'J' and another named 'G,' Who goes  often by his street
name, hahah. But they're both cool guys pumped to learn about
the gospel and we had a blast this week finding and teaching them. I
was reading a story on a little bit ago about one of Elder
Holland's favorite Christmas memories that really struck me, he stated
that one of his favorite christmas memories was on his mission in
england where he and his companion spent all of christmas eve and
christmas day knocking on doors, without even a single person letting
them in or listening. The fact he looked back on that as one of his
favorite memories struck me in a funny way, and it motivated me to
work extra hard this christmas season, mainly so that when I look
back, who knows how many years from now, I can feel the same way about
this Christmas, knowing I did what was expected of me and to the best
of my ability. I now know I'll be able to do that and it's a good
feeling. I hope that all of you continue to have a great holiday
season and a wonderful New Year's! I'm attaching a couple pictures
from our pday activity last week where we celebrated christmas by
playing some games with the other missionaries, we did a white
elephant gift exchange and I brought the giant stuffed panda you see
in the middle. Unfortunately i didn't have anything to wrap it with so
i just tied a plastic bag around it's head, hahah it was pretty funny,
anyways, I love and miss you guys, and happy birthday to Bailey! Who
turns 17 tomorrow!!!
Elder Carpenter
With his party pants on, Elder Carpenter was on his way to the gift exchange. His present to give was the big panda. Good luck getting it home!!
Elder Carpenter's "gingerbread mission house"
Missionary gift exchange
He traded a fish for a cinch bag

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