Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14 staying put

Hey guys, some good news, i found out that I'll be staying another
transfer here in Wanica South with Elder Van Den Herik! We're excited
to stay companions since we get along really well, I've made some
really cool friends with a lot of the members and so I'm glad I get to
spend more time with them. A couple of them are returned missionaries
or about to become missionaries who we work with and so they are super
helpful with coming out to teach with us. Some other interesting news,
Suriname will be getting 4 new missionaries next transfer! 3 elders
and 1 sister. Most of them aren't technically new, in fact I think
they just finished their training already, but due to visa problems
we've only just been able to get them in this transfer. They should be
coming in wednesday morning and so I'm excited about that! We had a
district activity last night where all of suriname got together to
watch the Christmas devotional the church puts on and that was pretty
cool. Normally they have a tv in the back where there isn't a
translation so missionaries can watch in english but it wasn't working
yesterday so everybody had to watch it in dutch which people were
complaining about, hahah. The dutch speakers they choose sound so
weird, they all have extremely nasally accents its ridiculous. But
despite that I really enjoyed it and it was kind of the first time it
hit me that christmas is here! Nothing down here has even much of a
semblance of christmas time and so most of the christmas you
experience is what you bring with you, hahah. But last night, it felt
nice to feel like it was so close. Me and Elder Van Den Herik have
some good goals set for this transfer that we're excited about, and
I'm looking forward to building on the work we've started in this
area. Love you guys a ton and I hope you all have a great week and a
great Christmas season!
Elder Carpenter
P.S. Happy Birthday Marley!

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