Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept 7

What's up everyone, our normal cyber cafe was closed today and so we've resorted to plan B which is a sketchy little chinese place and so I'm just hoping that this email goes through. Me and elder Prestera had a really good week and worked really hard, our greatest success was probably with 'K V,' who committed to get married sometime in October! This is what she's been waiting on to be baptized and so we were super excited for her when she told us she felt like she had waited long enough and wanted to be baptized! We are currently in the process of finding a person to marry them and will most likely hold the wedding by the Tammenga church you guys see my baptism photos at. More details will probably follow later, we played soccer today for P day and had a good time, I am ashamed to announce, however, that the north zone finally lost to the south zone 2-0. But we have plans to regroup and take it to them next time. In other news I rode a unicycle for the first time in my life, totally goofed and didn't have my camera with me though, I'll try pretty hard to get a picture for you guys. I can take about two pedals before it slips out from under me, not really sure how to fix that but it's alright. I feel like it's cooler to just say you tried than to show everyone you took the time to actually learn how. A funny story we were walking into a store when a ten dollar surinamese bill fell out of my pocket. I turned around and picked it up and started walking back inside when a guy yelled "Hey! That was mine!" hahah I just looked him right in the eye and veryyyyy slowly closed the door. Luckily he didn't try to pursue us inside because I didn't really feel like dealing with that scenario. The work in our area has been going really well and we have been putting up some real solid numbers the past few weeks, we've been blessed with a lot of referrals from members and other missionaries and so we always have some cool people to teach. I love and miss you guys and I hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Carpenter

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