Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21 early transfer! Senior couple!...??? ;)

Crazy news!! I'm finally getting transferred! After spending over half
my mission in Paramaribo, I am finally getting sent somewhere else! I
found out two days ago that I would be sent to Kwatta! It's one of the
areas that belongs to our main church, where you see the baptismal
photos, and I'm super excited about it! I will be companions with our
current zone leader Elder James which means I am one of only two sets
of missionaries with a car! The reason why is because my new position
is technically to be a senior couple! Hahah we will still be doing
normal missionary work but as the acting senior couple for suriname I
now have the responsibility to deal with bikes, visas, passports,
transportation, packages, and a whole long list of other things. It's
going to be a lot different than what I'm used to probably but I'm
really excited for the change. I've been working really hard in
Paramaribo and so maybe that's why they chose me for the job. Or they
just really need to humble my rampant sense of pride-I haven't decided which,
but I will give you an update after this transfer. In other news Elder
Prestera left already!! We dropped him off at the airport at 3:45
this morning :O He's going to Guyana and he will be missed!  I've gotten like 3 hours of sleep today but am somehow miraculously still functioning. I'm
currently with my new companion right now along with his companion
since we haven't technically switched off yet. The reason im here early is because Elder Prestera had to leave so unexpectedly to his next area, we barely even had time to pack with how much of a heads up they gave us. (We knew he was leaving about 5 hours in advance) 
In other news, 'I' came
to church again this week! It looks like the next elders who come in
after us are going to have a quick reactivation and so I'm excited
about that, he's such a nice kid. The new branch i'm going to be in is
the biggest in Suriname with about 100 people in Sacrament meeting
each week. I'm really excited to work in a more developed branch where
I have a lot of member support I think that's going to be a really
useful tool I plan on taking advantage of. I know a lot of the members
already and so with any luck I can start this week off on the right
foot with everybody and start making some new friends!! I'm super
excited to be with elder james as well, he was in my MTC group and
this will be his second transfer as a zone leader, he's a great guy
and a hard worker and I have a lot of respect for him, I know we're
going to get a lot of good stuff done. They did something different
this transfer in that they split the zone leaders and so now there's
actually going to be a zone leader in my old area, it will be a little
weird at first I think, but I'm sure it's going to work out just fine.
I can't wait to start this week in this new area! It's going to be
great and I can't wait to tell you all how it goes next week! Until
Elder Carpenter

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