Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well, this was a super busy week
but I enjoyed it a lot! We met up with our two investigators with
baptismal dates for this coming week and if all goes well they should
be scheduled for either this saturday or August 1st depending on if we
get a chance to teach all of the lessons to 'V' in time. But
they're super excited about it and have been great investigators.
'O' especially is a great kid and super funny, working with them
has been a blast. We have a couple other people we're keeping an eye
out for but in the immediate future we're working on building our
teaching pool up a little bit. We decided to go by a couple people
less frequently since they haven't really been making any progress
unfortunately but I've got a good feeling about this week and
hopefully we can get someone else prepared to start moving forward as
well! I have a couple stories to tell you guys, one kind of funny the
other a little sad, I'll start off with the funny one so you don't
have the sad one on your mind while you read it. While biking home
from a district meeting, we start getting honked at from some guy on a
moped. We were already on the left side but apparently not far enough
for his liking. He continued to lay on his horn and turned his head a
full 180 degrees just to give us a really disgusted look. Where the
story gets funny is while he was too busy trying to turn his head like
an owl his moped totally caught the curb and he biffed it! He wasn't
going very fast so he was perfectly fine. I would have stopped and
helped him but he immediately just got up and yelled at us and so I
figured it would actually be more christlike to just keep on biking
rather than get in a fight. We were laughing pretty hard though I'm
not going to lie, I know I'm a mormon missionary but I was partially
converted to the doctrine of Karma after seeing that. Hahah now for
the kind of sad story, unfortunately. Again while biking, we pass
through some local neighborhood streets and out of the corner of my
eye I see a guy on the ground getting beaten up! I immediately turned
my bike around to try and help the guy and everyone started yelling at
us trying to tell us to go away. We called the police and upon talking
to one of the people there discovered that apparently the guy getting
beat up was a thief who they caught trying to steal something! It
explained the treatment but I was still a little disgusted by the way
they were hitting him over and over again. We waited until the police
came and were able to stop them from beating up the guy further so it
was good, but also just a crazy experience in general. The way the
"justice system" seems to work here is quite different from back home
and so it made me very grateful for where I live! That's about it for
interesting things but like I said it was a crazy week! I hope you all
have a good one and you'll hear from me again soon!
Elder Carpenter

 While waiting for the police.

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