Monday, July 13, 2015

A fight, a cake and being chased by a rabid (?) dog

Heyyyyyy everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I had a blast this
week, and me and Elder Prestera managed to get a lot done! We were
able to set a couple baptismal dates with investigators this week so
I'll keep you all posted on the latest and who's progressing! Today
for Pday we went with a couple other missionaries to the zoo again
since they hadn't been and it was a pretty good time. Shortly after we
got some lunch and got in a little argument with some lady who thought
we cut her in line (She cut in front of us) and it was probably a
little bit of a race thing (we are the only white people) but we were
able to eventually settle things without inciting a race riot against
us hahah. In other news the sister missionaries in my area were kind
enough to make me a birthday cake!!! They said I couldn't make my own
birthday cake so I gave it to them and they were nice enough to make
it for me! Hahah I know you're probably all thinking i just pawned it
off on them but they really were nice enough to offer. In other news
me and Elder Prestera are getting along great and I think he's an
awesome guy! He seems to be enjoying his first month out here in
Suriname and is making lots of progress with his Dutch! We had a
pretty funny experience this week where I totally kicked my first dog
who was chasing me on my bike. I know what you're all thinking, oh my
goodness Elder Carpenter is a terrible person and an animal abuser but
please sit down and realize that these are not your average
neighborhood American strays. Two missionaries have already had to get
a series of rabies shots imported from Trinidad for dog bites and I
really didn't feel like being the third. So when this stray dog
started sprinting next to me and snapping at my ankles I'll be honest
no remorse went through me when I sent him flying with a swift kick to
the face. It's a whole nother world out here sometimes and despite not
liking it you've just got to adapt, It's pretty funny being the guide
for someone else now, I hardly feel like I know what I'm doing
sometimes but we seem to get by okay! Being out here is definitely
making me grateful for a lot of things and I know I'm becoming a
better person! I hope you all have an awesome week and I'll talk to
you again soon!
Love, Elder Carpenter

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