Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1 = 4 weeks!

Hey everyone! A whole month has already passed in the blink of an eye!
Its started to get a little colder here in Utah and I can see snow on
the mountain peaks already. Everything continues to go well and im
meeting tons of awesome new people. I don't think there's anywhere
else on the planet you'll find so many great people than at the MTC. I
got an email from someone headed to my mission who left a few weeks
ago and they already had a baptism! They sent me pictures of it with
the ocean in the background and it was beautiful. I'm loving my time
at the MTC but seeing that picture has just put a new desire in me and
I can't wait until we're out there teaching. Another he sent there was
water up to his ankles! The houses are on some sort of stilts and the
streets get flooded quite often so that's definitely something i'm
going to have to prepare for! What I've learned most this week is how
to find joy in what I'm doing out here. Our zone has had some issues
recently and a lot of people have been down and a little depressed,
our district hadn't had that problem and we were asked by our branch
presidency why we thought that was the case. We told them that we
loved what we were doing and knew without a doubt we were where the
Lord wanted us to be. In a way i think i'm the happiest I've ever been
right now. I've never learned so much so quickly and that includes my
testimony and knowledge of the gospel. I've sacrificed so much and
thats why im almost surprised at how I couldn't care less about what
i've left behind (Excluding friends and family xD) because I've
already been blessed with more than I ever had and I know that's a
trend that's going to continue throughout my whole mission. I know
without a doubt I was foreordained for this work and Heavenly Father
has a job out there for me to do, and I know for certainty that the
message I share can bless the lives of every person I teach. That's
why I'm happy. I miss and love all you guys! Until next week!
Elder Carpenter
No pictures  :(
Keep an eye out for Elder Carpenter at the Pristhood session of 
conference in the choir!  

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