Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last MTC week

Hey guys! Today's the start of week 7 and also the last week here at
the MTC, we've been learning our new jungle language called srnan
tongo and it's been quite the experience, although fun it's a very
strange language, luckily theres almost no conjugation which makes
things a little easier on us. Being responsible for two more new
languages is challenging but I feel like my understanding of dutch is
good enough to be an effective missionary once I get out into the
field. I thought today that I would share a little bit of a spiritual
thought we learned about in class, and that begins with the war in
heaven, we discussed the differences between the plans of Satan and
Christ, and discussed the jealousy and power Satan desired to have, by
saying "The glory be mine" Satan truly desired to dethrone God, his
plan seemed easy, and our salvation was guaranteed. At first more
chose his plan than that of God, but through faith in Christ, and
belief that through his atonement (Which hadn't even been done yet) we
could be saved and return, missionaries went out, and a war of words
was fought. Because of the valiant testimonies of God's elect the more
part of the children of heaven were brought back onto the true road to
eternal life. We know God is omnipotent and omniscient, all powerful
and all knowing, so why allow Satan to do this? The truth is we think
our test started here but in truth it started long ago when we used
our agency to choose good or evil, the plan of christ or of the devil.
There has been missionary work before this life, I am doing missionary
work in this life, and I know there will be missionary work to do in
the next life as well. The war that started in heaven is still going
on and I'm very grateful to know I stand on the right side, I
understand that out in Suriname I will be fighting for the souls of
these people. As it says in the scriptures that the heavens wept when
Lucifer fell I now understand a little better why missionary work will
be challenging, even as I do my very best people will still fall, and
I have no doubt I will have heavy days when someone we have been
teaching loses the battle. But I know that in the end the people who
are ready to come unto christ combined with the joy I find in serving
the Lord will more than adequately make up for that, I want you all to
know how excited I am to be a missionary and that I know this church
is true, I've been very blessed to know that and grow up in a family
who taught me these principles very well. Because I've been blessed
with so much it's my responsibility to share this happiness with
others and I am extremely excited to do so!

In other news our district has begun interpreting dreams, hahah we get
people from the entire zone asking us what their dreams mean now
(apparently everyone has strange dreams in the MTC) I'm not going to
lie we've blown a few minds with some of our interpretations hahahah.
Also due to the fact we have one additional week than normal all the
people we came in with left, we aren't completely alone but I do miss
everyone we met! our four square crew was officially disbanded last
week (*tear) However life goes on and I know that just like us this
monday they're off to bigger and better things. Monday is the day im
leaving, by the way, 3:30  A.M. (wow) first to houston then to
trinidad where we spend a few days in training!! I'll take lots of
pictures! Ive heard it's a beautiful island, anyways I should probably
get going but thanks to all of you for your continued support you've
been amazing! You'll be in my thoughts as I'm serving and I have
definitely felt your prayers.

Love, Elder Carpenter

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