Monday, August 8, 2016

August 1 Count your many blessings

Hello everyone! It seems I survived another week out here in the
jungle. We had a great week and I felt like we were very blessed, we
had a really cool experience on thursday when a less active got ahold
of us and asked if we could come and give her baby son a blessing, she
said that she had taken him to the doctor and he had high fevers and
couldn't sleep through the night very well. We came by and blessed the
baby, the next morning she called us again asking us to give another
blessing, we weren't sure if she understood that it would probably be
a little soon to give her son another blessing if he was still sick
but when we got there we found out that she actually didn't want the
blessing for her son, but for her little brother! Her son had made a
full recovery and was running around and smiling. She was so impressed
she wanted us to come give her little brother a blessing too since he
had a cold. It was a great testimony builder for me and also the power
of the priesthood. I also went on exchanges with a mini missionary who
is serving temporarily named Jason, while on exchanges we helped
someone assemble an antenna! It was an old guyanese man named 'S.'
He was so happy for our help and said "Me been breakin me head all dey
tryin to do dis. me been prayin to god for en angel!" hahah it was so
great he was an awesome guy. I love this area and the people are
wonderful. 'A' came to church and is still on track for his date on
the 20th! I hope you all continue to do well, have a great week!
Elder Carpenter

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